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Humans Out of the Picture?

What comes to mind the moment someone tells you that robots are taking human jobs and that drones are the doing human tasks? It is outrageous. Well, think again. Drones are everywhere. They offer solutions to many challenges. Equipped with sensors, these original pieces of technology have cameras that are connected other systems.

Dones can work in assisting the police force and deliver parcels. We find them in the construction industry, the military, agriculture, journalism and the film industry. The uses for drone technology are endless. A great example is the rope bridge which was made by a group of drones without any human assistance. This experiment by researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology allowed business owners to deploy drones using significant speed and saving time.  

On the website Mashable which is a website that has outstanding ideas on building on something, they have great idea about drones having a function in this time and age, image where you had to call 911, while you waiting for the ambulance to come and help, the hospital can send the drone to the house or flat and can bring a first aid kit while you wait. We all know that our traffic situation is not even to talk about and yes the ambulance has the right to go pass for emergency cases. The amount of forms of development in the drone business is really amazing, plus on the up side for a nation like.

South Africa has the potential to benefit from this and can be the first african country. One can truly benefit for a business that can be implemented in a country which is growing and developing, yet again the unstable economy will play a role in the business.

Africa is one continent that is depending on agriculture and tourism, having drones that will help water the plantations or have tourist rent drones in order to take amazing pictures.