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A clarinet is a beautiful musical instrument. This device belonged to the woodwind group and invented in the 1800’s. The clarinet looks like a straight cylindrical tube with an almost circular bore and a flared bell.




There are many different types of clarinets. Many have different keys and a unique range. Many have changed keys and unfamiliar names.  Some examples are the Alto Clarinet, the Bass Clarinet,  the Eb Clarinet and the Bb Clarinet. The most popular clarinet is the Bb Clarinet, Every family of clarinets has its music range. Some are used for military music. For example: The Stars and Stripes Forever, Hand across the sea, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Post.



Clarinets have an extensive music range. Therefore different keys of the clarinet make different music notes. Over time, additional keys and airtight pads were added to improve the tone and playability. Wikipedia

A clarinet can separate to 5 parts: Mouthpiece, Barrel joint, Upper Joint, Lower Joint and the bell. Also, musicians must use a reed or mouthpiece to play it.