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Hot Pot

What is Hot Pot?

Did this picture attract your attention? Hot Pot is a convenient way for Chinese people to have a great dinner with their big family because people can just put everything in the pot. As the food is cooking in the pot, they do not need to think about it, or tend to it. They can talk to their friend or do anything they want.


If you are interested in Chinese food, Hot Pot would be a good dish to make. The basic needs of the pot are soup and ingredients. While the soup is kept cooking, ingredients are put into the pot and are cooked at the table. Usually we only make one soup per pot, but with the Hot Pot for commercial development, there are many types of hot pot.


The basic ingredient of the soup is consomme. The ingredients that you need are pig marrowbone, shallot, ginger, cooking wine, salt, thick foliage, and mushroom. It sounds like you have to spend a long time to prepare the soup, but adding all of the ingredients isn’t the only way to make the soup. You can buy all of the ingredients in a little package of hot pot soup. Then while the soup is kept boiling, you can put the ingredients which you want to eat into the pot and cook them. Normally, Chinese people like to put thinly sliced beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, fish, prawns, scallops, cockles, clams, mussels, beef balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, fish slices offal, ear, blood tofu, squid, and crab. Furthermore, you can put some vegetables and noodles into the pot. At last, you can eat with a dipping sauce and enjoy it.