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Mr. Segura an Example of Success

In recent years, Mr. Jose Segura has become one of the most popular and well-liked teachers of Liberty High School for Newcomers. Most students know Mr. Segura as a strict and radical teacher.  During his lessons, he might act as a dictator, but his teaching methods are unique and simple.   Everyone that wants to learn will learn in Mr. Segura’s class and get good grades in his class.


For students who do not like or appreciate learning about history, Mr. Segura finds a way to engage them, and learn about what they thought they did not want to know.  There are those who say that Mr. Segura is little obsessive about getting his students to take the regents exam, but his teaching techniques work.

Ms. Segura makes himself available to all students including meeting with them before or after school.  On many occasions, he uses his lunch period to tutor students.  No matter what time the students need him Mr. Segura is always available.  It has become known among the students that the best resource to pass the history regents is to get tutored by Mr. Segura.  When someone talks about history the first name that comes to mind is Mr. Segura.

Most of the students know very little about Mr. Segura’s personal life, but he is like every Liberty High School student.  His family immigrated to Queens, New York from the Dominican Republic. His family was of modest means, so they moved to Manhattan for a year, and eventually settled in the Bronx. There, he attended Walton High School and has called the Bronx home for over 25 years of his life.

Now, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife.



The following is a questions and answer interview with Mr. Segura:


Mr. Segura: I liked the way the program was structured. I enjoyed taking different classes with different teachers and the fact that rooms and teachers changed every semester. Getting placed in Advanced Placement class made school more exciting and challenging.  

Interviewer: How long did you wait to get placed in A.P classes?

Mr. Segura: I started taking AP classes in the 10th grade.  

Interviewer: Do you know that some Liberty High School students claim that you are the best history teacher in the school?

Mr. Segura: First, I am not the best history teacher in this school. There are others that work just as hard as I do.

Interviewer: But the students say so. Before you came to Liberty High School, what was the overall passing average for the Global Regents, before you came to Liberty?

Mr. Segura: The regent scores were not good. Principal Huegel motivated all the teachers to do the best job they could.  

Interviewer: How have the regent’s scores changed since you started teaching here?

Mr. Segura: The first year I got here I committed myself to do the best job I could to help the students pass the regents. It was my goal. Now about 75% of the students who take the Regents exam pass. And, the goal for 2018 is that 80% of the students pass. It is a big difference from when I came to teach here, when the score for passing the regents was 15%.

Interviewer: How do you want your students to remember you?

Mr. Segura: I want to be remembered as a big guy, with a big heart and amazing dreams.