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The Statics of Clothing

The Little Things You Can Change

The static of clothing is based on age. It seems that as people mature, they tend to start wearing “grown-up’’ clothing. They develop a mindset of what looks good on them and what does not.  Their neighbourhood might also dictate their style of clothing. People tend to follow what they think is “cool’’ and trending.

Following trends is wrong, and it discloses a lack of understanding of fashion that undermines how people should dress. The real meaning of wearing clothes is to look good and presentable, not baggy and having clothes hanging loose or too tight. The reason for wearing clothes is to look good and feel comfortable and maybe get a few compliments. Clothing should give an individual the motivation to take on the world or to nail that job interview.

Let’s be real; most teens want to take their school crush on a date, but what they wear might make or break the relationship before it starts.  So, most people have to think twice about what to wear on a date. They want the other person to say, “Wow, you look pretty good.”

Wearing sneakers and an old tee-shirt is probably not the best choice for a date. That might be good if you are just going to hang-out with friends, but that is not the type of clothing to impress.

For most teens recognizing this is one of the first steps to adulthood. Their unique style is what they use to show maturity and self-awareness. It all boils down to how someone represents themselves by what they wear and how stylish they look in public.

The bottom line, know the occasion and dress appropriately.






This is well appropriate










This is just a bit out of place