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πŸ’• What My Boyfriend Means to Me? πŸ’•

My boyfriend means everything in my life. He is the one that always is with me in my difficult moments. I start to believe in love again when I met him.

My boyfriend is part of my life, family, and everything that I have. He is such a rare individual. When I consider the way that he has impacted my life, I find myself again.

He is handsome, intelligent, and insightful. I feel like I’ have won the lottery. It is as if I am the richest woman in the world and it is all because I have him. He shows me loyalty. Β He respects me in all aspects. We have built a beautiful relationship for the last two years, a relationship that is full of love and joy.

Naturally, like other couples, we have our disagreements, but nothing serious. We understand each other and know we should continue together. Many of our friends admire our relationship. Karina P. said, β€œI like your relationship because it is admiral how you respect each other.”

Some say that “Nothing it’s forever,” but if at some point we break up, we want to remain honest and friends. At our young age, we are more than boyfriend and girlfriend; we are best friends. We are already like family, and to us, that is what it means to be in a relationship.