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Liberty High School Baseball Team

The Liberty High School Baseball Team is a team which gives its best on the field and off the field.  The team was formed less than a year ago, in 2017, but it already shows outstanding unity and sportsmanship. The players show skill and a genuine desire to play the sport. The team got off to a great start the first season making it to the playoff.  Even though They did not make it to the finals, they proved that they have what it takes to be a team.  This year many of the players are graduating, but the expectations of the school and the coaches remain the same. They plan to make the playoff and then to the finals. The team’s goal is to do their best and to bring the baseball trophy to Liberty High School.

The team members realize that they cannot do it alone.  They credit Nayeli Santiago and coaches Power and Sheikovitz.  The coaches are always present to cheer the team and to make sure that the team has the necessary equipment.

This school year, Liberty High School has high expectations for the baseball team.  The team members have vowed to do their best, and the future will show how the results.


Team member Junior Manuel Berdugo:

I started playing baseball since I was 10 years old,  in my native country, Colombia. It is my dream to become a professional baseball player. I am currently playing in a league call Encarnacion Baseball League ( EBL ) in Queens. On February 14, 2018, we went to the Dominican Republic to play baseball. We did well and only lost one game out of six.  We are expecting to go there again this summer.  I am thankful to God, for The  Encarnacion Baseball League and  Liberty High School for letting me play and giving me the opportunity to do what I like and cultivating my future career.