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Selvin Chirnos

Selvin Chirnos


I has’t not much to hath said because I knoweth almost ev’rything about t; I hath grown up high-lone with nay one to bid me what to doth, until anon I’m still, I’m not v’ry sociable and I doth not liketh people.

Almost nothing at all the only thing yond distracts me is rocketh music ‘r heavy metal, I spendeth half mine own life w’rking most of the timeth on a farm planting c’rn and tobacco, I doth not knoweth mine own family and I doth not knoweth if ‘t be true I shall has’t a family life.

I very much liketh t bett’r, nobody tells me what to doth and I can wend out ‘r doth whatev’r I wanteth, Mine own state is a v’ry tropical lodging, the atmosph’re is warmed, I in summ’r th’re is nay bett’r lodging to wend to the beach and relaxeth with the travelling lamp shining on the sh’re of the beach.

Feeleth the warmth of the travelling lamp on thy skin and enjoyeth a bitter cold drinketh, But the most exciting thing in mine own state is to enjoyeth the landscape and the animals, the big palm and coconut trees, the fl’ra and fauna giving us a simple sweet fragrance, enjoyeth the blue flote at noon.

And waiteth to seeth at which hour t turns ‘range f’r seeth the sunset, this is mine own state and I knoweth what I can sayeth.