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Education in El Salvador

In El Salvador, education is a top priority. To promote education, the government works at creating new teaching methods and training good teachers.  In El Salvador, school is divided into various sections:



Elementary or primary education is not entirely free. Yet, most parents strive for their children to get the best quality education although many families are fighting to escape poverty.

But like in many other countries the standards in rural area education are low compared to the cities. Kindergarten is optional, but by the age of seven most children are enrolled in primary school. The nine years of schooling that follow are divided into three cycles of three years each. After the third cycle students transition to middle education.       



Secondary education continues for two years where students get a general bachelor’s degree or the equivalent a high school diploma. At this point, students who do not plan to go to the university they may stay one-year longer. Those that remain the extra year graduate with a technical bachelor’s degree for example in Accounting, Computer Science or Secretarial Services.



Vocational training is provided by private colleges which are overseen by the Salvadorian Vocational Training Institute. The Vocational Training Institute goal is to elevate El Salvador’s primary education among its residents while improving the livings standards of workers and their families.



There are 23 universities in El Salvador, of which some are secular, and some have religious affiliations. The normative study for a bachelor‚Äôs degree is four to five year. College graduates have the option of continuing their education and get either a master’s or a doctorate.

According to Ministerio de Educación de El Salvador, in San Miguel,  there are about 53 schools. When I lived in El Salvador, I studied at Centro Escolar Colonia 15 de Septiembre. This school is school located near to my house, I studied there for nine years, and one year at Instituto Nacional Metropolitano a high school.


This photo was taken on the day of my graduation of 9th grade, on November 12, 2016. They were my classmates.  From left to right are Kevin Cristobal, Daniel Reyes, Alejandro Romero, behind me is Erick Fuentes, and the girl in the middle is me, Eilyn Marquez, next to me is Nelson Guevara, behind Nelson is Gerardo Vargas, Humberto, and finally is Roxana Perez. She is my best friend from school, we were classmates and friend for 9 years. We are still best friends. She is Kimberly Luna.