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The Kitchen presents Macbeth

Mr. Power’s class got the opportunity to participate in The Kitchen a theater group that brings performing to the classroom. Working with specific teachers, The Kitcher helps put together a show with some students of Liberty High School. The chance of acting in a big production with other students is a perfect opportunity to grow as an actor and as a student. All students worked hard to make the show possible.

Mr. Power worked hard at teaching the class the Shakespearean play Macbeth and the actors from The Kitchen let the student focus on the character of Lady Macbeth. This production was an excellent opportunity from students to focus on the play from two distinct vantage points. Since there was a modern twist to the original, the students got together in groups to come up with new ideas to add to the shows and to make it more understandable for an audience of English Language Learners.

The performance takes place in modern times, and all costumes had a modern flair. With much work and help from photographers and directors, the videos were recorded in two days. Ms. Tory and Mr. “Flaco” helped the students get ready in time.


According to the Shakespearean play, Lady Macbeth was a woman with excellent power and control over her husband Macbeth; in the beginning, three witches predict the eventual downfall of Macbeth.    

For Liberty High School students, it was enjoyable to get together, work together and create ideas as a group. The fact that most of the students who participated are current graduating seniors made it more special.  It was their last chance to participate in a program sponsored by The Kitchen. The students enjoyed the final moments together as students and friends.

It was impressionable how these students worked so hard for a two-day performance. It took time and practices to make the production possible.

With  Mr, Power’ help, all students enjoyed, an excellent time sharing, eating and even dancing. Thanks to Ms, Tory, “Flaco” and the administrators at  Liberty High School for nurturing an environment of comradery