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Where I Am From

Where I am From

By Alondra Mora

I am from the orange house with a smaller yard.

From the big trees like ants in ant go in a line to their hole.

I am from the Gas Station on the school road.

I am from where the intense sound of crickets fills  night.

I am from the fight between brother and I take the control of the TV.remote.

I am love for my little sister Samantha.

I am from where I look at  pictures of myself as a little baby, I was a hamburger.

I am from the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic.

From San Rafael hospital.

From the sand and beaches

I am from rice, beans, chicken, and fried plantain.

From the delicious sweet beans.

I am the Dominican Carnival.

I am from think that little things make big memories and changes.

From my soft bed where I comfortably sleep

I am from family pleasures.

From love dogs, specially huskies.


April 18, 2018