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How I Want My Dress for Prom

Most girls have a difficult time choosing their prom dress. Although looking pretty is at the top of the list, being comfortable should be the top priority.

With comfort comes security, the type of protection which allows you to enjoy yourself without having unexpected mishaps.  

Comfort and finding the right fit is especially real for full-size girls or how some call them as a term of endearment “Gordita.”  

There are many stereotypes about comfort and beauty for full-size girls.  Many believe that full-size girls have to settle for a grandma look or wear a dress that exposes too much skin. 

According to glaminati.com, the ideal dress is the one that emphasizes your beauty and compliments the body curves.  Enhancing and complimenting the body cures will make the girl fell self-confident and comfortable.

Glaminati.com has advice for all plus-size body shapes:

  1. Girls who want to show their legs must wear a dress above the knees.
  2. To highlight an hourglass figure, a girl should wear a Peplum Gown.  This type of gown has short gathered or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s dress accentuating the waistline.
  3. To emphasize the bust-line, girls should wear a v-neck dress.

When shopping for a prom dress, and this applies to girls of all sizes, to not just focus on trend or fashion.  Choose a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable.