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Open School Night

The afternoon of September 26, 2018, started with the Open School Night where parents had the opportunity to meet the teachers of their kids and review expectations that the teachers are hoping this year.

Mr. Beagan and the English Department

Each teacher talked about their subject and what they will do this year. Carolina Velasquez the parent coordinator was talking about the New York City school account where parents and students can sign in and take a look of the grades in each subject.

Ms. Velasquez

Liberty High School 2018, National Honor Society induction ceremony was the same day. The parents were invited to watch the ceremony, where 28 new members were integrated into the National Honor Society. These 28 students have the criteria that the National Honor Society requires “Service, Leadership, Scholarship, Character.” These new members were all welcomed by the former student and president Chris Gonzalez. The new members recited the pledge. They were all called up by their names where the teachers that form part of the NHS congratulated the students and gave them NHS certificate.

The night ended with a memorial for our former student Jeimy Gonzalez who had a terrible accident in which he unfortunately died while he was traveling back from Honduras to the United States. Students, teachers, and counselors gave their condolences and told stories about him and to celebrate his life. Balloons were given to the people who were present so they could write their farewell messages. It was something tragic that nobody expected but we are all sure that he is in a happy place now, but our school halls will never be the same.