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The Near Moment

I was in my country, Honduras. I lived with my grandmother, my little cousin and my parents. I saw my parents leave the house everyday to go to work. I was waiting for them until the night. I heard something unexpected like something strange. Then, the news came to me. My parents had to leave my country and go to the United States. I was four years old.

Anyway, I stayed with my grandmother all my life. She is like my second mother. But, I still missed my parents. I wanted to see them again. I felt sad like something is missing in my life. I had twelve years without seeing my parents. I was a little elephant trapped in a circus waiting for the arrival of my parents. But, I did not know what my parents were doing to see me soon. They were planning to bring me legally to the United States to have a better education.

Thus, I was fifteen years old, when my parents told me that I will stay with them again. I felt super happy like a baby with its candy. But at the same time I felt very sad because I’m not going to be with my grandmother anymore.

However, My grandmother told me, -”Don’t worry, I will be okay, I have your little cousin, she is going to help me. I want you to have a better future.” My grandmother lives today, so, I can visit her.

Next, I was thinking about my big change like a proton; always positive. Then, I packed my suitcases for the next day. I was nervous like a cub without her mom. I was going to see my parents again. Also, I was nervous because it was my first time to board an airplane.

So, I arrived in the airport of La Guardia, USA. I was a quivering puppy in a new place. I saw my parents waiting for me. It was the near moment with my parents. I gave them many hugs and kisses. We were crying of happiness. After, we were parrots talking about everything.

Finally, I arrived at my new house. They showed me my new room, my new bed, etc. I felt nervous and strange. But eventually everything happened as the wind runs. Now, I feel comfortable in my house.