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Are You Ready for the SAT or ACT?

Did you ever take the SAT or ACT? In America, you just need to take the SAT or ACT to see are you already prepared to go to college. Most of the states offer to see your SAT, such as New York. However, some states, the high school demand the students take the ACT.

As we know the SAT exam is very important if you want to get into college. However, the most important question is when is the ideal time to take the exam. Well is logical that the SAT exam is going to validate all your knowledge that you have. That why the best time to take is in winter when you are a Junior because you are going to have better knowledge that all of the topics. But some students prefer to take the exam a year before graduation and have time to take more that one time if they want to improve their average. Now let’s talk about the scores. There is an average for the SAT that most of the students should have the SAT exam scores are on a scale of 200 to 800 points per math and language arts subscores and between 400 and 1,600 for the overall score. Knowing those ranges would seem to make it easy to know what score to shoot for on the test, but the truth is that colleges have widely varying guidelines for what constitutes a good score. In addition, it is very important to be prepared for the exam, as it is not always easy as some students think. There are always deceptive questions. Some tips that students should consider is be preparing soon is possible, have a math strategy in place and take SAT practice that people can find in a different platform like College Board or Khan Academy. Equally important is the ACT exam and actually is way more difficult than the SAT exam.

The ACT is the other exam for college. Some of the students know that the ACT is harder than the SAT because the most significant difference is ACT provides English, maths, and also offers science including chemistry and physics. Besides, the total score in the ACT is 36. If you get 26 in ACT, it converts to 1240 on SAT.  Some states only offer the ACT, for instance, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc. One of my interviewers, Hugo Wong, is living in NC. He is a senior student. Last years, he took the ACT, and he only got 13 out of 36. When I asked him, he says “ you’re so lucky, guys”. I didn’t understand what was it mean at that time, but after that, he told me the ACT was very terrible because in the math and science parts were very hard. Even though you good in English, the questions are very tricky. He also said, “ if I have an opportunity, I want to take the SAT rather than ACT”. Finally, he got the two letters from different colleges that receive him.