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When We Were Young

One of the most important stages that we as people live in our childhood. Many people say that it is the happiest and most important stage of all because at that time we created memories that define us as people. When we were children we had no worries except to have fun and to get good grades so that our parents did not regret us. However, over time we grow and the worries get bigger. We start to live new experiences that begin to change the way we think about it, which is completely normal for our development as human beings.

Many psychologists say that the personal problems that adults may have in their mature lives come from their childhood, according to Marcia Sirota Every person who’s walked through my office door suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship or work problems, low self-esteem or addiction has a history of some type of adversity in their childhood. It’s become clear to me by listening to their stories that were it not for these painful events, the person wouldn’t be struggling as much as they are, today.” (Marcia Sirota “The Connection Between Childhood Experiences And Adult Problems.”), This not only shows us how important are the events that we live in our childhood but also how events can define our personality in the future.

To make this research a little more current I asked the question of a young woman of 19 years old who already considered in the society as a young adult, the question was which memories of her childhood she believes marked her in some way in her life, to which she answered, “One of the most drastic events that I lived in my childhood was the separation of my parents when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have a hard time believing in men.” This is another clear example of how the memories we have since childhood affect our present life.

I decided to ask a 45-year-old man what he most missed about his childhood and why.  His response was that what he missed most about his childhood was spending time with his family and also not having to worry about paying the bank bills. He further explained, simply enjoy your childhood, that when you become an adult your priorities change and responsibilities become bigger. The time is so limited to be able to do the things that you really like, as sharing time with your family or celebrating with friends, that you decide to lock yourself in “the world of an adult.”

In conclusion, try to save the best memories of your childhood and do not forget to enjoy life with a child’s soul, which is our best time after all.