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Halloween Versus Mexican Day of the Dead

“Day of the Dead” in Mexico is an event of 3 days. Starting October 31 – November 2. It is celebrated to remember our loved ones who are not with us anymore. Also, to celebrate their memories end to mourn their loss. In Mexico, Halloween is celebrated by children wearing costumes when they go trick or treating to people’s homes asking for candy. Instead of the phrase, “Trick or Treat” children say “Queremos Halloween.”





This is an offering of the Day of the Dead. People put up photos of their relatives that haVE passed away to remember them during the Day Of the Dead. They put many candles, but it depends on how many relatives they have lost. They put water if they are thirsty, coke or beer if that person used to like it when he or she was alive. Also, they put Tamales or different types of food and fruit. They put skull candy for decorations and candy for the babies who couldn’t make it to come to this World.


Cempasuchil flower is placed as an offering too, as seen in the photo above. 


In the cemetery, it is decorated with everything  that people placed in the offering like flowers, candles and water. They take the offerings to their loved one’s tombs. Halloween for Mexico, is not really about people taking their children Trick or Treating for fun. Mexican people celebrate Halloween to remember their lost relatives.