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Greta Thunberg, a 16 Year Old is Leading the World for Climate Change

A young environmental activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg left her home country by taking a simple boat and came to the “center of the universe” New York City, to reach her voice to the ears of politicians and to bring some changes about our environment. Greta believes that the older generation does not care about the future, because they are on the edge of their life and it is the new generation’s responsibility to do whatever it takes to save their own future. 

On September 20, 2019, Greta did the climate strike in New York City which a lot of students were involved in, including students from Liberty High School. Greta strongly believes that she can make a difference to save our future. She mentions that, “Why should any young person be made to study for a future when no one is doing enough to save our future?” This is one of the reasons that Greta left her school to wander around on the streets of New York to find a solution for preventing the destruction of the earth.

As time passes, we are seeing progress and many people are beginning to take this issue seriously. Greta’s mother, who is a singer and used to travel with an airplane more often, has now decided to use airplanes less frequently to help our climate. As we questioned some students at Liberty High School about this issue in our environment, some of them think that the climate change movement is the best way that the government can hear our voices. Eilyn, a young  student at Liberty High School expressed, “The government needs to make some changes in the community because climate change is going to take control one day and destroy our planet.” It is our responsibility to reach our voices into the community and talk about these issues so that we can discuss preventions and solutions to these causes. Rosena, a student at Liberty High School exclaims, that together we can build a better nation! This is our future!