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Exercise Without the Gym

Exercise is one activity that a lot of people must do it. However, a lot of people do not care about it and just skip it. Exercise is a really good activity that has a lot of benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the benefits are a healthy weight, sleep better, mild depression and also to prevent some diseases as obesity, diabetes type 2 and high blood pleasure. There are different kinds of exercises that can help you to get these benefits and keep you looking young. There are some organizations that can help you to learn how to do the exercises and at the same time motivate you to do it.

Calisthenics is one type of exercise that during this time a lot of people love to do and it’s free. The word “Calisthenics” comes from Greece and “Khalos”, “Sthenos” means “Beauty” and “Strength.” Calisthenics is a bodyweight training using minimal equipment and at the same time working all of your muscles. Bar Brothers is an international fitness movement that focuses on calisthenics workouts as their exercise method. Bar Brothers motivates people to join them by making youtube videos on street workouts. They say that exercise is more important than just having an attractive physical body. They also tell you the benefits of the exercises. This fitness movement was found by two friends Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic in the United States when they were in college. Dusan was the first that was doing calisthenics, then he invented Lazar to join him. Overall, they created the Bar Brothers organization.

        Another good fitness movement is “THENX.” It was founded by the instructor Chris Heria. The studio is located in Miami Florida. Chris Heria graduated from BrendaHigh School in Miami Florida in 2008. He has a youtube channel with more than 2.6 billion subscribers where he motivated people to do calisthenics and get into his workout exercises. One good thing why he is recognized by a lot of people is because he represented the United States in the Street Workout World Championship.

        In New York City there are many free parks that people who are interested in calisthenics can go and learn it. One of those places is located in Columbus Park. The address of the park is Mulberry street & Bartex street, New York 10013, where a lot of people are working out and they can help you to join them and learn how to do calisthenics. We know that exercise can be boring, but if we think deeply it helps us a lot and makes us feel better. Calisthenics is about more than just getting strong and taking cool photos. According to the School of Calisthenics, “Your brain is a muscle that needs flexing as well and training with progressively challenging movements is a great way to keep it sharp. Calisthenics will serve well now and into the rest of your life.”