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Meet the roster of the LHS Bell.

A Difficult Choice

February 8, 2019 8:21pm | Lucia Ortiz

As we all know abortion is a controversial theme all over the world. Abortion means the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is the easiest decision for a teenage girl who is going through […]

Exercise Without the Gym

December 20, 2018 12:03am | Ramiro Carrera

Exercise is one activity that a lot of people must do it. However, a lot of people do not care about it and just skip it. Exercise is a really good activity that has a lot of benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the […]

The Life of an Immigrant, Part 2

November 9, 2018 8:06pm | Daniela Fernandez

The Story of “Juan” In this edition, we will be able to know the story of an immigrant boy whom we will call “Juan” by his decision we will leave his anonymous identity. “Juan” is an 18-year-old Mexican teenager who had to leave his native country […]

Disarranged Arrangement

November 5, 2018 11:10pm | Mamady Kanta and Seydou Diallo

Can arranged marriage be harmful? Arranged marriage is planned and managed by families or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the matter themselves; which is unfortunate because the partners didn’t know each other well and are not married […]

The Life of the Immigrant Student, Part I

October 15, 2018 9:10am | Jonathan Casimiro, Daniela Fernandez, Tobias Arevalo, Federico Valdez,

Federico is a teenager from Mexico that came to the United States on August 19 of 2017. He traveled alone because his parents couldn’t afford to migrate with him.  Like many of us that have to leave our family in our native country, he had […]

Amazing Places in Ecuador

April 17, 2018 1:55pm | David Pinos

I bought tickets to visit you! This visit is something that I will never regret because you are my home. You have everything I need. For this reason, I will recount your beautiful culture and unusual places that some people consider attractive, but I call […]

Education in El Salvador

April 17, 2018 1:29pm | Eilyn Zuniga

In El Salvador, education is a top priority. To promote education, the government works at creating new teaching methods and training good teachers.  In El Salvador, school is divided into various sections:   PRIMARY EDUCATION Elementary or primary education is not entirely free. Yet, most […]

Selvin Chirnos

March 12, 2018 1:11pm | Selvin Chirnos

Selvin Chirnos   I has’t not much to hath said because I knoweth almost ev’rything about t; I hath grown up high-lone with nay one to bid me what to doth, until anon I’m still, I’m not v’ry sociable and I doth not liketh people. […]

💕 What My Boyfriend Means to Me? 💕

February 9, 2018 3:17pm | Thays Rodriguez

My boyfriend means everything in my life. He is the one that always is with me in my difficult moments. I start to believe in love again when I met him. My boyfriend is part of my life, family, and everything that I have. He […]

The Statics of Clothing

January 10, 2018 2:28pm | Hitjivirue Kandjavera (Ben)

The Little Things You Can Change The static of clothing is based on age. It seems that as people mature, they tend to start wearing “grown-up’’ clothing. They develop a mindset of what looks good on them and what does not.  Their neighbourhood might also […]