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Congratulations Luisana Goris, National Honor Society President 2020-2021

January 12, 2021 7:04pm | Andrea Arismendy Lora

Luisana Goris was named the new president of Liberty High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) 2020-2021 on December 4. When the time to represent the National Honor Society arrived at Liberty High School, Luisana mentioned that she took that opportunity and expressed her desire to […]

Reducing Stress During Virtual Learning

January 12, 2021 6:40pm | Jener Hernandez

At the beginning of the school year, students had to choose between blended or virtual learning to help students and teachers practice social distancing within the classroom because of the pandemic. Since then, there have been some sudden changes in the schools, and now all […]

Christmas in Mexico

January 12, 2021 6:02pm | Mariana Meija

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, but of course each country has its own way of celebrating. Mexico is a country rich in culture, and each family celebrates Christmas with their own taste. In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, a day after […]

The Best Colombian Plate You Can Eat Every Day

January 12, 2021 5:39pm | Ana Beltran Gallego

Arepas is one of the most famous plates from Colombia. It is so popular, you can find this dish in most places in Colombia. This traditional recipe is mostly eaten for breakfast and dinner and it is so easy and fast to make, that every […]

Amy and Femicide in Mexico

December 4, 2020 2:48pm | Mariana Meija

An 11-year-old from Tulcingo de Valle, Puebla, Mexico, Amy Ramirez, was found dead in her bedroom in the morning of January 14, 2018. Femicide is the killing of a woman based on their gender, and it is a prominent issue nowadays in Mexico. Over a […]

Schools Want to Stop Students from Vaping

December 11, 2019 1:31pm | Xiaodie Yang

Vaping is a new fad that is commonly used by teens and young adults. Vaping is also called E-cigarettes, an electronic product that mimics cigarettes, with the same look, smoke, taste, and feel as cigarettes.  As we know, vaping is inhaling nicotine in vapor form […]

A Ruthless Murder in New York

November 26, 2019 3:37pm | Saidryh Marte

Both family, friends, neighbors and other citizens were in shock in New York specifically more about the Bronx…  And still they express some opinions: Solanyi: “I feel outrageous thinking about how there can be people in my city capable of being so inhuman by taking […]

Exercise Without the Gym

November 20, 2019 12:03am | Ramiro Carrera

Exercise is one activity that a lot of people must do it. However, a lot of people do not care about it and just skip it. Exercise is a really good activity that has a lot of benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the […]

Greta Thunberg, a 16 Year Old is Leading the World for Climate Change

November 4, 2019 2:30pm | Kimberly Jn Pierre and Qumail Bakhshi

A young environmental activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg left her home country by taking a simple boat and came to the “center of the universe” New York City, to reach her voice to the ears of politicians and to bring some changes about our environment. […]

Halloween Versus Mexican Day of the Dead

October 26, 2019 3:19pm | Litzy Gonzalez

“Day of the Dead” in Mexico is an event of 3 days. Starting October 31 – November 2. It is celebrated to remember our loved ones who are not with us anymore. Also, to celebrate their memories end to mourn their loss. In Mexico, Halloween is […]