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Christmas in Mexico

January 12, 2021 6:02pm | Mariana Meija

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, but of course each country has its own way of celebrating. Mexico is a country rich in culture, and each family celebrates Christmas with their own taste. In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, a day after […]

Amy and Femicide in Mexico

December 4, 2020 2:48pm | Mariana Meija

An 11-year-old from Tulcingo de Valle, Puebla, Mexico, Amy Ramirez, was found dead in her bedroom in the morning of January 14, 2018. Femicide is the killing of a woman based on their gender, and it is a prominent issue nowadays in Mexico. Over a […]

Why are there so many exports from China?

December 21, 2017 2:17pm | Ian U Wong

Millions and Billions of imports from China   United States exports to China were only $166 billion while imports from China were $463 billion, this is according to  Kimberly Amadeo in an article in (www.thebalance.com), The vast difference of trade between the two countries comes […]

SAT Word of the Day

November 6, 2017 1:57pm | Ms. LaMoriello

Grandeur (Noun) The quality of being grand or admirably great. www.freevocabulary.com Grandeur (Noun) A great and impressive quality. www.learnersdictionary.com Sentence: His paintings capture the beauty and grandeur of the landscape.

Irma is Raining Tears

October 3, 2017 1:29pm | Nashka Desroches

Photo provided by www.static.independent.co.uk Hurricane Irma affected many people.  Especially, people in the states of  Florida and Texas. With their homes destroyed, hundreds of residents from both states opted to go to local shelters. Homes left without power September 10, 2017, were hit with heavy rain […]